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Nazr Mohammed would like to end career with Bulls

14 year NBA veteran and Chicago native Nazr Mohammed would like to end his career with the Bulls.

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Nazr Mohammed, a 14-year NBA veteran and Chicago native, would like to end his career with the Bulls, according to ESPN's Scott Powers. Mohammed, who has also been a member of the Jazz, 76ers, Hawks, Knicks, Spurs, Bobcats and Thunder, knows that getting to play where you want isn't always possible in the NBA, and he wants to take advantage of it while he can:

"If you have a long career, I'm pretty sure you're going to play for 4-5 teams at a minimum," said Mohammed, who said he also considered signing with the Bulls in 2006. "That's my goal (to retire here.) When I decided to sign this summer, my goal was to finish up here. That's always the goal. Also when I was in OKC, I was hoping to finish up in OKC."

The coaching staff and his teammates have already commended Mohammed for his hard work and attitude in practice, so it seems they're glad he's home too. However, this quote from Mohammed probably says it all:

"I'm happy to be home. It's great to be in a city where there are so many familiar things around. It puts you at ease and gives you a comfort level."