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Bulls' Kirk Hinrich and Richard Hamilton happy 'to finally be on the same side'

After years of battling on opposing teams, Chicago Bulls guards Kirk Hinrich and Richard Hamilton are happy to be teammates.

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Kirk Hinrich and Richard Hamilton have quite the history against each other, including memorable battles in a 2007 second-round playoff series between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons. So when Hinrich and Hamilton became teammates on the Bulls this season, the two veterans could only laugh (via The Chicago Tribune):

"When we first saw each other, we were like, 'Man, it's nice to finally be on the same side,'" Hinrich said. "And it's been a pretty seamless transition so far. When he's coming off screens, it's real easy to read what he's going to do just from playing against him so many times.

"We talk out there about little things we see as the game or practice is going on. We talk about things that will be there offensively based on how we're reading the defense. It's been fun."

Chicago's offense has struggled so far this preseason, but Hinrich and Hamilton are certainly not to blame. Hinrich has looked rejuvenated after a string of poor seasons, averaging 11.3 points in three preseason games. Hamilton sat out the Bulls' last game on Saturday for rest purposes, but he averaged 11.5 points on 50 percent shooting in the first two preseason games.

With Derrick Rose out indefinitely, Chicago needs Hinrich and Hamilton to stay healthy and perform well this season to keep the Bulls afloat. Both players have had some recent injury problems and, with Rose out, the Bulls cannot really afford those issues to crop up again.

The Bulls take on the Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday night at the United Center.