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Derrick Rose Injury: Point Guard Says Bruised Elbow Won't Force Him To Miss Time

The Chicago Bulls cruised past the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, but the game was not without worry: Derrick Rose landed hard on an elbow when he lost his balance after being fouled by Damien Wilkins. Rose is in pain but he does not want to sit out if he can help it:

Rose grimaced. He struggled to raise his left hand over his head while dressing. But, while admitting it's too early to know if he can play Friday in Orlando, he also gritted his teeth.

"I want to play," Rose said.

Tom Thibodeau added that "[Rose is] fine," and the team is off on Thursday, giving him some time to rest before the Bulls face Orlando on Friday night.

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Rose had 17 points and 10 assists in the win over Detroit.

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