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C.J. Watson Injury Update: Guard Says His Elbow Is Dislocated

Chicago Bulls guard C.J. Watson suffered an injured elbow during the Bulls' blowout victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, which has caused him to miss wins over the Atlanta Hawks and Detroit Pistons this week. Watson spoke on Wednesday for the first time since the injury and said his elbow is dislocated.

"It dislocated when I tried to plant," Watson said as he sat on the sidelines at the Palace of Auburn Hills. "I felt the pain and popped it back in.

"I just felt it pop out of place and suffered a lot of pain. I was hoping it wouldn’t be anything really, really bad but I knew I’d be out for a bit. Actually, when I bent it myself it popped back into place. I guess that was a good thing."

"They’re saying a week or so or day-to-day depending on how much pain I can handle," Watson said. "I was pretty relieved no surgery. We knew that night but the MRI confirmed it."

The injury was originally believed to be a sprain.

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