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Bulls Vs. Heat Score Update: Chicago Trails 56-51 At Halftime

The Chicago Bulls are trailing 56-51 against the Miami Heat going into halftime on Sunday afternoon in a battle of NBA elites. This is the first time that the two teams have played since the Heat knocked off the Bulls in last year's Eastern Conference Finals, and they're both still among the league's best teams.

Miami led by as many as 12 points in the second quarter, but Chicago has consistently matched Miami's runs to keep things reasonably close. The Heat busted out to a 18-7 lead in the first few minutes of the game, but the Bulls responded by trimming the lead to just two points after one quarter.

The Heat then expanded the lead back to 12 points midway through the second quarter, but the Bulls just refuse to let them blow things out. Miami shot 47 percent in the first half while Chicago shot 44 percent.

Chicago's backcourt has led the way so far, as Derrick Rose has 13 points and three assists while Richard Hamilton has added 11 points. Joakim Noah has also played well, putting up nine points, five rebounds and four assists. The Heat have been led by LeBron James, who has 17 points, and Chris Bosh, who has 14 points and six rebounds.

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