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Bulls Vs. Cavs Recap: Chicago Grabs Easy 39-Point Victory

No Derrick Rose equaled no problem for the Chicago Bulls on Friday night, as the team easily crushed the Cleveland Cavaliers 114-75. The Bulls jumped out to a 12-point first quarter lead, and it only went further downhill from there for the Cavs, who were outscored by double digits in every quarter but the third.

The Cavs defense offered almost no resistance to the Bulls, who shot an almost absurd 55% from the field and 66% from three. to go along with 16 of 17 made free throws as a little cherry on top. The Bulls saw solid individual performances all around, but they were paced by Carlos Boozer's 19 points and 14 rebounds, which was augmented with two assists, two steals and two blocks.

Though the Bulls were sans Derrick Rose, and facing star rookie point guard Kyrie Irving, they saw little drop in production at the position. The replacement tandem of C.J. Watson and John Lucas combined for 24 points, eight assists and four rebounds, on an efficient 7-13 shooting from the field.

The Bulls will be back on the court on Saturday when they host the Charlotte Bobcats in snowy Chicago.

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