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In Bad News For White People: Scalabrine Off To Italy (Sort Of)

With the NBA lockout looming large, Brian Scalabrine is taking his talents to Italy... maybe.


The free-agent forward, who spent last season with the Bulls, will attend Benetton Treviso's training camp without a contract before making a decision on his future....

Scalabrine couldn't get an NBA out in talks with the club should the NBA lockout end. So with a wife and two young daughters home in the States, the fan favorite will attend training camp in Italy and monitor the state of the lockout.

Brian Scalabrine is a hero (to many white people). He is the comical garbage-minutes man that plays VERY VERY HARD (Jon Gruden would LOVE him if he wore football pads to work). Scalabrine is also kind of bad at basketball (Jon Gruden would LOVE him if he wore football pads to work).

But that didn't stop Boston fans from loving him and that certainly hasn't stopped Chicago fans from feeling the same way. He is a hometown favorite wherever he goes. This is for one reason; he's white. Like Ginger white.

Fans -- white fans -- can relate to him. "He's just like me!" "I dribble the ball off my foot too!" "Do you think he burns in the sun like dad?" It's really nothing knew, but I'm not sure there has been a player that has better exemplified this than Scalabrine. Just take a look at Tim Sieck's -- SBN Chicago's new editor -- email response when I told him I was writing this piece.

Wow I didn't even see that. Ipad and its new app just got thrown out. Thanks for ruining my day Z. :)

Even the launch of our new iPhone app gets a back seat to Scalabrine. But how couldn't it? Just look at the text he sent K.C. Johnson of the Tribune when the news broke about his departure.

"I'm going off the grid, growing the beard and going dark for now."

Awesome. To be completely honest, I have grown to love him too for all these wrong reasons. I'm scared to think what I will do without him. No, wait. Hold on. I still got Kyle Korver. I'm good.

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