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Stacey King Got Pretty Excited About the USA's Victory In the Women's World Cup

Everyone starts out a Twitter skeptic, but somewhere along the way most fall in love the Web's trendiest way to spread buzz. I think I was officially sold when I witnessed Rivers Cuomo and Jozy Altidore having a casual conversation about soccer. Cuomo's fútbol fanhood would eventually lead to that horrible "Represent" song, but the fact remains: the dude who wrote Pinkerton and the USA's shining beacon of soccer hope chatting it up in front of the universe is pretty freaking cool.

Twitter has also helped keep Stacey King in our lives even if the Chicago Bulls currently are not. King is a Twitter rockstar, mostly commenting on television and sports in a way that only the Bulls' color commentator could. Yesterday, he tackled the story of the day: the US's incredible comeback to eliminate Brazil in the FIFA Women's World Cup. King got all sorts of jacked up.


I'll give you a moment to recalibrate your brain after pondering the thought of a naked Stacey King.




Are we all OK now? Good. Because it's pretty sweet to see King so enthusiastic about a women's soccer match. It's also pretty sweet -- and maybe sort of pathetic -- when he uses said women's soccer match to lob a cheap shot at the Miami Heat.


Hey, he isn't wrong.