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2011 NBA Draft Grades: Chad Ford Gives Bulls A Solid B

This was a pretty difficult Draft to find talent in, but there were some teams that definitley came out of the 2011 NBA Draft better than when they went in. According to most of the outlets that offer grades on NBA picks, the Bulls were one of those teams. While they didn't come away with any one guy who will be able to make a significant and immediate impact, they did add some serious value, and that is what the Draft is all about.

ESPN's Chad Ford gave the Bulls a solid B for their efforts. Here is how he presents the Bulls pick of Jimmy Butler.

Butler will not be a star, but he will play his role off the bench. He can guard multiple positions, has a great work ethic, and has the maturity to fit into a veteran team. When you factor in all that he's overcome in his life, it's not hard to believe he'll succeed.

Like he says, Butler is the kind of guy who will will himself into a rotation. Mirotic has value down the line and might be able to contribute a few years from now. Not bad for a couple picks in a crummy draft.