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2011 NBA Mock Draft

With no clear cut superstars, Thursday's draft should be interesting.

The 2011 NBA Draft day has arrived. Compiling a mock draft this season is very difficult in that their doesn't appear to be a sure thing. This draft seems to be one of those that in ten years down the road, someone who slipped to the second round will be discussed as to how they slipped so far. Here is my 2011 Mock Draft.

1) Cleveland Cavaliers- Kyrie Irving, Duke

Seems to be the consensus first pick. Personally I would go Derrick Williams and then with the fourth pick take Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight but I'm just a writer not a GM.


2) Minnesota Timberwolves- Derrick Williams, Arizona

Most NBA ready player in this draft. Lots of rumors around this pick. It'll be interesting to see if Minnesota keeps the pick.


3) Utah Jazz- Brandon Knight, Kentucky

Jazz go point guard as a long term replacement for Deron Williams.


4) Cleveland Cavaliers- Enes Kanter, Kentucky

Great Prospect. Only real concern is injury concern. Should be a double-double machine.


5) Toronto- Kemba Walker, UCONN

Best player the last month of the NCAA season. Will he be able to take that to the next level?


6) Washington Wizards- Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State

Will be a nice compliment to John Wall.


7) Sacramento Kings- Jan Vesely, Czech Republic

Big man who can shoot from long range. Poor mans Dirk Nowitzki.


8) Detroit Pistons- Jonas Valanciunas, Lithuania

Long term project. Most likely will stay in Europe one more season. Joakim Noah type.


9) Charlotte Bobcats- Klay Thompson, Washington State

Nice size for a two guard. Has NBA range.


10) Milwaukee Bucks- Marcus Morris, Kansas

High energy type. Think Carlos Boozer.


11) Golden State Warriors- Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania

Seven footer with small forward skills.


12) Utah Jazz- Chris Singleton, Florida State

Hustle Player. Hard worker.


13) Phoenix Suns- Alec Burks, Colorado

Great Size. Built for the Pro game. Could be a steal at 13.


14) Houston Rockets- Markieff Morris, Kansas

Better rebounder than his twin brother. Will be a David Lee type player.


15) Indiana Pacers- Tristan Thompson, Texas

His game resembles a smaller version of Kevin Garnett.


16) Philadelphia 76ers- Kenneth Faried, Morehead State

Strong rumors that 76ers may trade Andre Iguodala that could change what they do with this pick.


17) New York Knicks- Jimmer Fredette, BYU

Will the hype live up or will he just be a great college player?


18) Washington Wizards- Jordan Hamilton, Texas

Deadly jump shooter.


19) Charlotte Bobcats- Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech

Can play both guard positions. Not a great shooter, but great defender and ball handler.


20) Minnesota Timberwolves- Nikola Vucevic, USC

Same kind of game as Enes Kanter.


21) Portland Trail Blazers- Bismack Biyombo, Congo

Fills a big man need with Greg Oden's future in doubt.


22) Denver Nuggets- Tobias Harris, Tennessee

Poor mans Charles Barkley.


23) Houston Rockets- Marshon Brooks, Providence

Potential to be a big time scorer.


24) Oklahoma City Thunder- Reggie Jackson, Boston College

Adds depth to a a young team looking to make a championship run in 2011-12.


25) Boston Celtics- Trey Thompkins, Georgia

Big man to replace the loss of Kendrick Perkins.


26) Dallas Mavericks- Davis Bertans, Latvia

NBA Champs looking to take best player available.


27) New Jersey Nets- Nikola Mirotic, Montenegro

Jason Kapono type. Great jump shot.


28) Chicago Bulls- Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA

Great defender which the Bulls love.


29) San Antonio Spurs- Darrius Morris, Michigan

Nice size point guard. Could be insurance depending on what happens with Tony Parker.


30) Chicago Bulls- Kyle Singler, Duke

Bulls have a history of drafting Duke players. Here is one more.