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Was Jeff Teague Trying To Injure Derrick Rose At End Of Game 2 Victory?

It isn't something that many were asking at the end of the Chicago Bulls Game 2 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, but as the NBA blogosphere began writing, the question came up: Was Jeff Teague trying to injure Derrick Rose?

The play in question came with 6.8 seconds left with the Bulls on top 85-73 and just hoping to escape the game without injury. That almost didn't happen, however, as Teague stepped under -- almost through -- Rose as he attempted a jumper from the top of the key. A foul was called, as should have been the case, but fans are beginning to wonder if Teague had ill intentions.

The first person to notice the incident was Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe. Lowe, ever the astute basketball watcher, was unable to decide whether or not Teague was trying to be dirty (and also later asked the all-important question regarding coach Tom Thibodeau's reasoning for even having Rose in the game, but I digress).

Calling this an undercut is a bit strong, especially because Teague appears to shade himself slightly to Rose's right side instead of hitting him straight on. But you're not crazy, I don't think, if you suspect Teague's intentions here might have been something other than pristine.

Come to your own conclusion after viewing the play after the jump.