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2011 NBA Playoffs: TNT, Please Replace Dick Stockton

Dick Stockton has had a long career in broadcasting which dates back to the 1970s. He first did play-by-play for the Celtics and Red Sox, and later moved to CBS to do basketball and the NFL.


He's 69 years old, and... well, he's just not very good any more (if he ever was). During the 2007 National League Division Series between the Cubs and Diamondbacks, he called the Cubs the "Cowboys" and butchered the names of both Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano ("Adolfo Soriano" and "Rodrigo Ramirez" were his favorites, but there were others, too.)


Last night, he may have topped himself. After a long ceremony honoring the Bulls' Derrick Rose, Stockton called him "David Rose", which soon became a trending topic on Twitter. But Stockton wasn't done -- he called the Bulls' Kyle Korver "Corey Kyver".


Seriously, TNT -- this is embarrassing, for one of the national networks covering the NBA playoffs to employ someone this incompetent. Maybe Stockton was good years ago (although I don't recall him as being more than workmanlike). Now, he's bad. Please, please replace him.

↵↵If you can stand watching it again, here's the Stockton David Rose Moment:↵↵