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2011 NBA Playoffs, Bulls Vs. Hawks: Death Of Osama Bin Laden Led To Heightened Security In Game 1

Just about 24 hours removed from the death of Osama Bin Laden, those in attendance at Game 1 of the Bulls second round series against the Atlanta Hawks experienced a measure of heightened security at the United Center. According to, there was a much more hands-on approach to the security process, with the fear that there might be some reaction to Bin Laden's death on Sunday.

They were checked with a metal detector wand as they entered the United Center, with the State Department warning of an "enhanced potential for anti-American violence." The arena's website says fans usually only undergo a visual inspection. Metal detectors are only used in a full inspection when it is determined "the potential is high for inappropriate or illegal items to be brought into the building."

There is no word yet if these heightened restrictions will continue to Game 2, or if similar measures will be used at the Playoff games that will be held on Tuesday.