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With LeBron James Defending, Derrick Rose Shoots 6.3 Percent In Eastern Conference Finals

Overall, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose had a shaky Eastern Conference Finals. Yes, he averaged 23.4 points per game... but he also needed 24 shots, on average, to get there. His final percentages from the field tell the tale: 35 percent overall, and 23.3 percent on six three-point attempts per game.


But it gets worse. Per ESPN Stats & Information, when LeBron James defended Rose over the last two games of the series, Rose shot 6.3 percent (1-of-15) and committed three turnovers. James, despite standing taller and weighing more than Rose, nonetheless managed to hound him into some truly awful play.


These numbers further add to LeBron's greatness, but they don't undermine the fine season Rose had; he did not win MVP on accident. If there's anything good to take away from this, from Chicago's perspective, is that this epic flame-out might drive Rose to improve even more in the offseason.


This series won't be the last time the Bulls and Heat face each other in the postseason. Maybe Rose will be better prepared next time.