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Derrick Rose: Bulls' Loss Was On Me

Before Tuesday night’s Bulls-Heat game, everyone said Derrick Rose would have to give an MVP performance if the Bulls were going to even the series heading back to Chicago.

After the game, Rose acknowledged what everyone was thinking: He didn’t give that MVP performance.

“Tonight definitely was on me,’’ ”—20110524_1_derrick-rose-james-heat-coach-erik-spoelstra" >Rose said. "I had two opportunities to end the game. Couldn’t do it. If anything, learn from it.’’

It’s hard to argue with that: Rose went a total of 1-for-8 in the fourth quarter and overtime. Rose didn’t even need to be great down the stretch. If he had even been good, this would be a very different series right now.

Rose also tried to emphasize the positive, saying, “It’s not over.” But it definitely feels over: It’s hard to picture the Bulls now beating the Heat three straight.

“”" >All I can do now is put it behind me and go forward," Rose said.

For Rose, going forward may mean next season. This season appears to be just about over.