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Freddie Gibbs: Bench Carlos Boozer

On Monday, everybody's favorite gangster-rapper-turned-sports-columnist, Freddie Gibbs, got the chance we weigh in on Bulls-Heat Game 3. And like many of his fellow Bulls fans, Gibbs had a lot of harsh words regarding Carlos Boozer's recent performances.

Starting the column with a "you can go back to Utah" lede, Gibbs questioned Boozer's toughness, skills and college before going into a "5 Reasons to Bench Boozer" list.

We'll dig into all five, after the jump.

#5. We play better without you.

Gibbs pointed to Chicago's winning record *without* Boozer in the regular season as evidence the Bulls can clearly contend without him. While I do think there is something to be said about the Bulls resiliency during the year, I do think the playoffs are a whole 'nother beast. So with that said, I wouldn't give a lot of credence to this argument. The playoffs are just too tightly contested to expect the same type of Boozer-less results.

#4. You make too much.

While this reason is more about the future than the present, Gibbs points to Boozer's bloated salary as a reason to jettison what was supposed to be the Bulls' longtime starter at the power forward position. "You look Karl Malone on the Lakers right now," Gibbs says. He also thinks the Bulls should bring in new, hungrier players and suggests Boozer takes a "paycut" to give the team the ability to do so.

While this one certainly isn't unreasonable, it's just too unrealistic. The Bulls will likely have to (over) pay for this Boozer contract for a long, long time.

#3. Did I mention you were soft as wet toilet paper?

This is where Gibbs gets particularly scathing: "Whether it’s a bobbled pass, a dropped rebound, you gettin blocked or whatever I’m just sick of seeing it. You go to the hole expecting to go to the free throw line instead of using that 266 pound frame to go bang Bosh ass out the paint. I know you ain’t a 7-footer but damn. Your defense is a mystery. I ain’t seen it all year. I’d honestly rather us start Taj Gibson, he got more intensity, but you got the big salary so you gotta get those minutes."

This is the one that will probably have Bulls fans nodding solemnly in agreement.

#2. That wack ass rap song.

Not only did Gibbs agree with SBN Chicago -- and many others -- in thinking Boozer's new rap song was corny, but Gibbs also defended Shaquille O'Neal as a rapper, specifically citing "You Can't Stop The Reign" (featuring the Notorious B.I.G.) as one of Shaq's most legitimate songs. Never before has a column I've written felt so validated.

#1. Dwight Howard

This is where Gibbs looks a little too far into the future and lays out his scenario to get Dwight Howard on the Chicago Bulls. This should honestly be the last thing the Bulls are thinking about right now. Though one can always hope.

* * *

So, while Gibbs certainly laid out an argument with some good logic -- and top-notch comedy -- I'm still gonna have to parrot Blog a Bull's stance and say the Bulls should continue to start Boozer, despite how epically frustrating he can be at times. While Booz has mostly dragged in the playoffs -- and, remember, whether he's shooting well or not, his defense is always terrible -- the Bulls will certainly need something from him if they expect a shot at the title this season. It's that simple.

(And that desperate.)

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