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2011 NBA Mock Draft Update: Will The Bulls FInally Get Their Shooting Guard?

It's Monday, which means it's time for another 2011 NBA Mock Draft update. You can tell, because we only get a new mock draft to analyze on the days that have "day" in them. Today's edition is from Draft Express, who just released their latest Mock Draft.They have the Bulls taking Providence's Marshon Brooks with the 28th overall pick, and international small forward Davis Bertans with the last pick in the first round.

I would have to think that Brooks would be somewhat of a dream situation for the Bulls. Despite setting the single game Big East scoring record against Notre Dame this year (52 points) Brooks is flying a little bit under the radar. He has pretty good size for the position, and excellent length (over 7' wingspan) which means he could develop into an above average defensive player. He can also create his own shot and score at will, something that the Bulls could use right about now.

Bertans is a little bit more of an unknown commodity. But because he is a pretty tall European player who has excellent range on his jumpshot, you might here the Dirk comparison thrown about. Let's be clear, if he was a Dirk type player, he wouldn't be able to be taken here. But he could develop into a matchup problem at small forward and power forward for the Bulls. They would also have the opportunity to let him develop in Europe for a little while, which could be good for the Bulls who aren't desperate for him right now.