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Former Bulls PG Kirk Hinrich Could Help Hawks Despite Being Out Due To Injury

Kirk Hinrich played for the Chicago Bulls for the first seven years of his career, but in Game 1 of Chicago's second round NBA Playoffs series, the 30-year-old point guard will be giving tips to the Atlanta Hawks on how to guard former teammate Derrick Rose.

Hinrich, who won't play in Game 1 -- and possibly the entire series -- due to a strained hamstring, will be relied on my Hawks head coach Larry Drew and second-year point guard Jeff Teague when either has questions regarding how to stop probable MVP Rose this series.

"That's why he's on the trip," Drew told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "He can probably do Jeff a lot of good. Stay in his ear about defending Rose."

As far as Hinrich is concerned, however, it seems that he's pretty confident in not having to say too much to help Teague out against his former teammate.

"I think Jeff can really play. I think it's just a matter of him getting an opportunity. I think he will be good," Hinrich said. "I kind of just want to leave him alone. If there is something along the course of the game that I think he can help him with, I will try to do that. Right now I will just leave him alone. The coaching staff does a good job making sure guys are prepared. I'm sure he's excited."

Excitement is good, but if Hinrich learned anything while playing alongside Rose, it'd seem wise to try and pass that information on ... unless, of course, his heart is still with the Bulls.

Hey, it could happen.