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Carlos Boozer's Rap Song "Winning Streak" Debuted At United Center, Now Online

Carlos Boozer's rap song debuted at the United Center during Game 2 of the Bulls-Heat series, apparently. In case you missed it, however -- or didn't know it was the Chicag Bulls starting power forward on the first verse -- Youtube has already uploaded the song also featuring Twista, Chicago-area rapper, along with the vocal stylings of Mario Winans.

As has been the case in the history of NBA basketball players masquerading as rappers, Boozer's performance hasn't been given the best reviews, but having Twista on the song at least makes it worth listening to after the 45 second mark.

Andy Hutchins  has also transcribed Boozer's "verse," if that's what it's being called, over at the SB Nation hub page:

Dream it, believe it, do it, let's go
Already know I cross 'em over, take it to the hole
Look back, thank God, look forward, trust God
That's why when I'm in the paint you know I go hard
Might go baseline one time and abuse ya
Run back down the court like "You know it was Boozer!"
I used to be another li'l fella with some hoop dreams
Now I got the game laced up, shoestrings

If there's a chance anyone actually still wants to hear the song after reading the above passage, it's available after the jump.