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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Bulls Will Have Options With Their Late Round Picks

The Chicago Bulls are pretty busy right now with the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to the 2011 NBA Draft. The Bulls have two picks late in the first round; their own, and oddly enough, the Miami Heat's. Chad Ford, like many of the people who have been making Drafts, thinks that they will use those two picks to get some help on the perimeter. In his first post-lottery mock draft, he has the Bulls taking UCLA guard Tyler Honeycutt, and Hofstra guard Charles Jenkins.Here is his rationale for Honeycutt.

The Bulls continue to look for long-term answers at the 2, and Honeycutt could be a really nice steal here if he slides this far. He not only has a great basketball IQ and the ability to handle the ball, but is also a good shooter who can stretch the defense.

Honeycutt might be more of a small forward than a shooting guard, which is what the Bulls really need. But at this point in the draft, you have to go for value, and Honeycutt could provide a lot of talent relative to where he is drafted.

Jenkins is an interesting prospect because he comes from a small school, but he is a prolific scorer, and could play both backup guard positions for the Bulls.