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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Will The Bulls Get Backcourt Help Late In The First Round?

The Chicago Bulls have two first round picks in the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft, and since the lottery has settled the order, we can finally start to speculate about whom they might pick. SB Nation just came out with their first post-lottery edition of their 2011 NBA Mock Draft, and they have the Bulls looking for help on the perimeter with both picks. With the first pick, the 28th overall, they have the Bulls taking Duke small forward Kyle Singler.

Singler would help provide some depth, but with Kyle Korver and Ronny Brewer eating up some minutes at the backup three, I'm not sure that Singler would have a good chance to earn some playing time. He might be able to crack the rotation, but I'm just saying that it isn't their biggest need. The player they have the Bulls taking with their second first round pick, is slightly more intriguing. Washington point guard Isaiah Thomas, here is their rationale.

Isaiah Thomas deserves a shot in the first round; he can outplay a handful of NBA point guards, and a year from now he could seriously be putting in good minutes for a playoff team. He has all the skills. Size matters, but haven't we learned you can't discount a player solely because of their height?

Thomas has a ton of talent, but like the mention, he doesn't have very good size. But since they don't need him to be the starter at the point, they can afford to take a chance and hope that Thomas is able to provide a serious offensive punch off the bench.