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2011 NBA Playoffs, Bulls/Hawks: Yet Another Silly Sports Food Wager

Mayors and governors have been making food wagers between cities and states for the last couple of decades on the results of sports events. Usually, though, these are left for championship-level series.


Mayor Richard Daley, who leaves office in about three weeks, apparently has decided that he has to get one last food bet in before retirement. So he's arranged with Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta to have a friendly wager on the result of the Bulls/Hawks series, which begins Monday.


Here are the items Mayor Daley has wagered:

– Abundance Bakery: Three dozen Bulls Red Velvet Cupcakes
↵– Affy Tapple: 10 Cases of Affy Tapples
↵– Azteca Foods: Flour and Corn Tortillas and Chips
↵– C.J. Vitner Snack Co.: Sizzlin’ Hot Crunchy Kurls, Popcorn and Potato Chips
↵– Connie's Pizza: 20 Cheese and 11 Sausage
↵– Fontanini Italian Meats: Three Cases of Italian Beef
↵– Gonnella Baking: A Three-foot Super Sub Sandwich
↵– Robinson's Ribs: Three BBQ Sauce Gift Sets
↵– Vienna Beef: 2,011 Chicago Style Hot Dogs
↵– Sam's Lasagna: Chicken, Veggie and Turkey Lasagnas

That, of course, would not go to Atlanta if the Bulls win. This is always for a good cause, of course; presuming the Bulls do go on to defeat the Hawks, any food "won" by Mayor Daley would be donated to the Chicago Food Depository.