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Pacers' Danny Granger Calls Bulls' Joakim Noah A 'Dirty Player'

It appears Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger is a sore loser. On Tuesday he called Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah a "dirty player," saying Noah made a "cowardly move" that the refs never saw. Perhaps they didn't see it because there was nothing to see.


Noah's former Florida Gator coach Billy Donovan was quick to come to Noah's defense on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 this morning saying that while he does not know Granger, he does know Noah and does not agree with Granger's comments. He cited Noah's college tournament play, saying that some players may not like Noah because of his "antics" on the court. Donovan said he has nothing but respect for Noah.


Noah, for his part, was following direction from former Bull Scottie Pippin, who told him to play physical and hard, and that, Noah says, is what he was doing. We say keep playing hard Jo!


It will be interesting to see if Noah is treated different from his teammates in the next round.