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2011 NBA Playoffs: Chicago Bulls Game Five Tube Time Possibilities Boggle The Mind

Here's what we do know: The Chicago Bulls will play the Indiana Pacers in Game Three of the 2011 NBA Finals tomorrow night at 6 pm Central time. The game will be carried by NBATV nationally and CSN Chicago locally. We also know that the two teams will face off for Game Four on Saturday in a 1:30 matinee game carried by TNT nationally and CSN Chicago locally. From there on out, things get dicey.

If the Bulls aren't able to pull off a sweep (and don't put it past 'em), the next game -- Game Five -- will take place Tuesday, April 26 at the United Center. But at what time? Therein lies the mystery. The Bulls Public & Media relations department issued a statement today trying to clarify matters. So, without further adieu, skip past the the jump to learn the many (well, four) mind-boggling possibilites for Game Five.

1. If a Game Five is necessary for the Bulls and Pacers as well as the Boston Celtics & New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers & New Orleans Hornets, Derrick Rose and Crew will play at 9:30 PM Central (yup, that late). The game will be carried by NBATV nationally (local coverage TBD).

2. If a Bulls-Pacers and Celtics-Knicks Game Five is necessary, but a Lakers-Hornets isn't, look for the Bulls at the same late hour (9:30 Central) but on TNT nationally.

3. If a Bulls-Pacers and Lakers-Hornets Game Five is needed, but a Celtics-Knicks isn't, you'll find Joakim Noah's primal scream on TNT at a slightly more civilized 8 PM Central.

4. And if a Bulls-Pacers Game Five is necessary, but neither the Celtics-Knicks nor Lakers-Hornets need to play, tune in to TNT at 9:30 PM Central.

And if a Bull-Pacers Game Five is unnecessary? Celebrate. Then check your local listings. This is a Chicago sports site, after all.

(PS All times are subject to change.)