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NBA Trade Rumors 'Contractually Obligated' To Involve Bulls, Even If Nonsensical

Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune has some fun at the expense of the vast NBA Trade Rumor Mill, which has really picked up the pace of late with the NBA's trading deadline looming two weeks from Thursday. He points out the Chicago Bulls will find themselves mentioned in trade rumors not because they make sense, but "because this is Chicago and we are part of everything."


And because Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony has made himself the center of attention this trade season--the All-Star can become a free agent this summer and has yet to sign a contract extension with Denver, fueling speculation he is on his way out--he'll inevitably be linked to the Bulls, which Rosenbloom thinks is a little silly, but not so silly that he won't try coming up with his own trade proposal involving the Bulls and Nuggets:

[Luol] Deng, [Taj] Gibson and two first-round picks for Anthony and, I don’t know, [Al] Harrington and whatever else has to be included. Then what do the Bulls have?

Rosenbloom believes a team with Anthony, Derrick Rose, and Carlos Boozer" could threaten Boston and Miami to get out of the East" on the strength of its offense alone.


Remember, we're still 15 days away from the trading deadline. The rumors, rhetoric, and jokes are only going to get worse from here.