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Joakim Noah Will Return For Bulls On Wednesday

As expected, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau announced today that Joakim Noah will return to action against the Raptors on Wednesday, according to ESPN Chicago, who did a telephone interview with the coach:

"He's coming back," he said in the telephone interview. "He was cleared to go last week."

Back for Toronto?

"Oh yeah," he said.

You could argue that the Bulls didn't skip a beat without Noah: he missed 28 games, in which the Bulls went 20-8. But his rebounding skill and energetic approach to every game should lift the Bulls to "even higher heights," if that's possible. The three stars of the Bulls -- Noah, Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer -- have been together in the same lineup in only seven of the 54 games thus far. It's a credit to the team and the play of backups like Kurt Thomas that the Bulls are 38-16 and only two games off the pace to lead the Eastern Conference.


Coincidentally, Noah's last game -- played after his thumb ligament tear was diagnosed -- was also in Toronto on Dec. 15. He had 11 points and 11 rebounds that night. Wednesday night will be a good test -- the Bulls play the Heat in Chicago on Thursday.