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Michael Jordan Practices With Bobcats; Comeback Looming?

No, a comeback almost certainly isn't on the horizon, but Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan did suit up for today's Charlotte Bobcats practice because his team needed a few extra bodies according to a report from the Associated Press.

Jordan, who turns 48 next week, has been the Bobcats majority owner since March 17, 2010, but has only recently been getting involved in Charlotte's practices. Today, according to the AP, marked the most work Jordan's put in on the court this season.

The former Hall of Famer, as country music legend Toby Keith might say, 'ain't as good as he once was, but he's as good once as he ever was.'

"He can still shoot the basketball unbelievable and he can move well. But at his age, he couldn't do it for a long period of time," Bobcats head coach Paul Silas told the AP while smiling. "But short period of time, he can get it done, yeah."

"He's holding these guys accountable and it's great. I love him out here," Silas continued. "He's teaching them how to protect the basketball, how to play hard on defense, how to talk. It's a good thing. The guys work a little bit harder when he's out here and rightly so because he's working hard. You're not going to let him do a job on you if you've got any pride."

Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace made it seem like Silas was right about Jordan still being able to play, too.

"He's Mike. He's been kicking our [butts]. He still has it," Wallace told the AP. "He doesn't have this quickness, but he can score, he's a shooter. The last thing to ever go is your jump shot and he has that."

While it sounds like Jordan might be good enough to play spot minutes during practice scrimmages, the AP reports that Jordan won't be taking the actual court anytime soon.

Charlotte has been talking to teams about possible trades to improve the roster, but that won't include another Jordan comeback. Jordan was slumped in a chair with ice bags strapped to both knees at the end of the workout.

We never thought he'd come back a first and second time either, though.