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Chicago Bulls Training Camp 2011: Richard Hamilton Finishes 3rd Practice With Team, Could Play In Tuesday's Game Against Indiana Pacers

Richard Hamilton has practiced with the Chicago Bulls three times since signing with the team last week, and he was held out of the team's preseason opener on Friday night. Whether or not Hamilton plays in the Bulls' next preseason game -- on Tuesday, again against Indiana -- is likely to be decided on Monday, according to Tom Thibodeau. The coach says Hamilton is feeling more comfortable as he gets in more work with his new teammates:

"Each day, he gets more and more comfortable," Thibodeau said. "He approaches it well. He comes in to work. He gets here early. He’s studying hard. He’s doing fine so far. Probably [Monday], we’ll get another practice under his belt. He looked pretty comfortable today in the scrimmage. That will be the next step for him."

Tuesday's game is the team's last warmup before the season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas day .

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