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NBA Rumors 2011: Dwight Howard Will Not Go To The Chicago Bulls, According To Report

The Chicago Bulls have been active in trying to pry superstar center Dwight Howard away from the Orlando Magic via trade this offseason, but Howard would only consider signing long-term contracts with four teams -- the Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets, and Los Angeles Lakers -- according to a report by Chris Broussard of ESPN. Notice that the Bulls are not on that list, which effectively eliminates them from consideration for a blockbuster trade. Let me allow Broussard to lay it out clearly:

There has been speculation that Chicago Bulls might be a possible destination for Howard since the Bulls offer a big city environment, a superstar in Derrick Rose, and plenty of talent to send back to Orlando. But Howard's refusal to sign there ends that possibility.    

As to why Howard would be against signing with the Bulls long-term, it's anyone's guess. Reigning MVP Derrick Rose is entering his prime, and although he has never been one to make a heavy pitch to players to come and join him, his play on the court should be enough to speak for itself. For Dwight Howard, apparently not. Stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago for all the latest on this story and other Bulls news.

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