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Derrick Rose's New Shoes Rep Chicago's Public Transit System

Even if you weren't plugged in to the local high school basketball scene when Derrick Rose was winning state championships and throwing down gnarly windmill dunks at Simeon Academy only a few years ago, it's hard to ever forget that Rose plays professionally in his hometown. It's been the focal point of ad campaigns and magazine features; Rose is even announced as "from Chicago" during the Bulls' starting lineup introductions, treating that year at Memphis like it never happened. 

Rose and adidas are releasing a new take on Rose's latest signature shoe, and the adiZero Rose 2 "Windy City" will once again remind you that, yes, Derrick Rose is Chicago's very own son. The shoe has a map of the city L system in its sole.

Exclusive pictures straight from the good people at adidas, after the jump....

From an adidas press release:

Inspired by Chicago’s blue line "L" train and the holiday season, D-Rose will debut this fire red/black/white/blue colorway during his Christmas Day game.  It features a Chicago "L" map in the sockliner and a blue adiZero pin line on the upper to rep the blue line "L" train.  The upper is anodized to give the brushed metal look of train cars with a fire red finish to look like a holiday gift on the court.





Considering that Rose hails from the southside neighborhood of Englewood, perhaps the north-south running red line would make more sense. Still, major bonus points to Rose and adidas for choosing to accentuate the blue line, as that's what I ride every day. Bro move, Derrick. Bro move.

Ricky O'Donnell is a writer and editor in Chicago and the founder of the Chicago sports blog Tremendous Upside Potential. He is always very much available for hire. Follow him on Twitter or reach him at