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NBA Releases Plan For 66-Game Regular Season

Now that the NBA's players and owners have a tentative agreement to end the lockout, the league has released the structure of what is to be a 66-game schedule. The key points:

-- The regular season will run from Dec. 25 to April 26. Each team will play 48 conference games and 18 non-conference games. Teams are expected to play about two more games per month, according to the Sun-Times report.

-- The playoffs run from April 28 to June 26.

-- To save some time, teams will play on back-to-back-to-back days at least once, but no more than three times.

-- Back-to-back games are possible in the second round of the playoffs.

-- Bulls training camp is expected to begin Dec. 9, giving the team 16 days to prepare for their opener.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago for more information, and for in-depth analysis on the Chicago Bulls be sure to visit Blog a Bull. For the latest on the tentative labor agreement, head over to SB Nation NBA.