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Luol Deng Suitors Dealing With Contract Insurance Issues

As the NBA lockout drags on, Chicago Bulls starting small forward Luol Deng continues to weigh his overseas options, according to his agent, Herb Rudoy. The latest hangup in his search for a European team is the reality of trying to insure his NBA contract, which has $42 million remaining in guaranteed money. To insure against catastrophic injury for such a big contract isn't cheap, as Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski explains:

Adrian Wojnarowski
Deng's insurance on $42M left on Bulls contract runs $50K per month; Besiktas could push next counter offer over 150K per month, source says

Yahoo!'s Mark Spears also recently spoke to Obrad Fimic, a European agent, and added some information as to why it is difficult for NBA players to go overseas:

Fimic said most teams can't afford to pay for an NBA player or for the needed insurance for their contracts. Teams are also concerned about the need for players to have an opt-out clause that allows them to return to the NBA after the lockout ends - but that could change if the season is canceled.

For more on the situation, stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago. Check out Blog a Bull, SB Nation's Chicago Bulls blog, for more on the team. You can keep up to date on the lockout at SB Nation's NBA page.