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NBA Lockout 2011 Update: Players Disband Union, File Anti-Trust Lawsuit

The 2011 NBA lockout continues as the players have rejected the NBA's latest offer and have since moved to decertify the players union -- the NBPA -- and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA. According to NBPA president Derek Fisher, the player's association was unified in their decision:

A lot of individual players have a lot of things at stake in their careers and where they stand, so we feel its important to all our players ... that we not only try to get a deal done for today, but also for the body of players who will come into this league for this decade and beyond.

With the decertification and lawsuit, the 2011 NBA season is almost definitely finished. Typically, anti-trust suits take several months at the minimum, so NBA fans will unlikely see any games until the 2012 season.

The news comes especially hard to Chicago Bulls fans, who must now wait at least another year until they can watch their Bulls defend the Central Division title. The Bulls finished the 2010-2011 season with an NBA-best 62-20 record.

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