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2011 NBA Lockout Update: Both Sides Hopeful, Expected To Meet Friday

There's been an ever-so-positive wind running through the NBA's lockout over the past couple days, with both the league and the players union showing some signs of optimism about a deal actually getting done, via After we got word of a productive 15-hour meeting between both sides that occurred on Wednesday, it appears that optimism remains intact after Thursday's meetings.

Both sides took to the media after Thursday's meetings, and for the most part the situation appears to be fairly promising. Comments from both sides appeared to be geared towards the possibility that a deal actually gets done over the next few days, something that should really excite basketball fans around the world. And arguably more importantly, there's a small chance that we could still get a full season in.

This all must be particularly exciting for Bulls fans, and trust me, I get it. Few teams in the entire league are more exciting than the Bulls, and few players are more exciting than Derrick Rose. After years of watching teams led by the likes of Ron Mercer, Jalen Rose and Kirk Hinrich, there couldn't really be a worse time for Chicago fans to lose an NBA season. Let's all hope that never becomes the case.

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