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Derrick Rose Opts Out Of NBA World All-Star Classic

Derrick Rose has chosen not to join fellow stars such as Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant on a six-game tour that will span four continents over the next two weeks.

The NBA lockout hasn't kept stars like Lebron James, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant from appearing in highlight countdowns or widely circulated YouTube videos. But the various all-star games that have popped up across the country this off-season have curiously been missing one of the most exciting players in the NBA: Chicago Bulls point guard, and reigning league MVP, Derrick Rose. Rose did participate Tuesday night in a USO-sponsored pick-up game at a Hawaii Air Force Base, and there he addressed why he decided to opt out of the impending World All-Star Classic, which will bring players such as Durant and Dwyane Wade to four different continents over the next two weeks.

"The scheduling was just too tough," said Rose, whose USO work will keep him in Hawaii until Friday morning.

(via ESPN Chicago)

The World All-Star Classic kicks off Sunday in Puerto Rico, and will continue for five more games after that. Although Rose will not be participating, ESPN's Ric Bucher reported that Bulls center Joakim Noah is under consideration as a replacement.