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Derrick Rose Received Serious Offer To Play In Croatia

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose had a serious offer to play overseas in Croatia, but the deal broke down over the number of games in which Rose would play.

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Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose had an offer to play in Croatia for a club called KK Zagreb, but while the two sides were able to reach a financial agreement, the Croatian team's sports director said they were not able to agree on the number of games Rose would play.

"We reached an economic agreement, but we could not find an agreement about the games," KK Zagreb's Hrvoje Ciketiae said in the interview. "Rose for sponsor obligations would have missed three Euroleague games. And we could not allow that."

It's a bit surprising that the club would nix this deal for any reason considering the unique opportunity available to it here, but the Euroleague is the highest level of basketball competition in Europe, and this is KK Zagreb's first season as a participant. They're big games for the team.

So they'll make do without Rose's huge talent. Rose, meanwhile, is in Hawaii participating in a United Service Organization tour event called "Hoops for Troops." That's not a bad deal either.