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Derrick Rose Rides Shotgun In Roommate's DUI Arrest

Randall Hampton helped Derrick Rose win two state championships at Simeon High, and now lives with Rose and two other former high school teammates at Rose's Deerfield townhouse. Early this morning in Los Angeles, Hampton was arrested on suspicion of DUI after failing a sobriety test. Rose was a passenger in his black BMW.

As with most matters as trivial and salacious as this one, the story was broken by, who else, TMZ. Deets after the jump:

when cops stopped the car on a routine traffic violation at around 2:00 AM Friday morning. When cops spoke to Hampton -- who played high school basketball with Rose -- officers claim they detected the odor of alcohol. Hampton was given a field sobriety test ... and was eventually arrested on suspicion of DUI. Rose was free to go. Hampton was hauled to the Hollywood police station, where he was booked. Rose arrived to the station shortly after to check on his friend. TMZ shot footage of Rose leaving the police station by himself at 3:00 AM

Before we all go and freak out: this is what best friends are for, right? Better Rose's roommate getting into this trouble than Derrick himself. I'm sure Rose will find to a way to repay him.

Still, leave it to TMZ to ask the unnecessary questions:

We called Rose's agent to ask why he would allow an allegedly drunk person to drive him around --  but so far no comment.

My comment: shut up!