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Bulls Waive John Lucas III One Day Before Contract Deadline

If only the Bulls had done this sooner, or better yet, not signed him at all.

One day before all non-guaranteed contracts became guaranteed, the Bulls have waived guard John Lucas III. Lucas played in only two games for the Bulls, but one of them was in Denver; Lucas came into the game and missed a pair of free throws that would have given the Bulls a three-point lead with 12.9 seconds remaining. Instead, with only a one-point deficit, the NuggetsCarmelo Anthony missed one shot but got a second chance with four seconds left and drained a jumper that won the game for Denver.

And that is the legacy Lucas leaves with the Bulls. They’ll work with a 13-man roster, for now, going into tonight’s game with the Raptors. The Tribune reported today that Brian Scalabrine’s non-guaranteed deal will become guaranteed next Monday.