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Bulls Named NBA's Third Most Valuable Team By Forbes

Forbes magazine ranks sports teams by valuation -- determined by a number of factors -- generally, when their sport is in midseason.


In their latest issue, they rank NBA teams. The Bulls rank third in their latest ranking, trailing only the Knicks and Lakers. Clearly, market size has a lot to do with those rankings, although the Knicks have also been better on the court this season.


The Bulls' overall valuation is $511 million, on $169 million of revenue. The total ranking is unchanged from last year. They rank quite a distance behind the Lakers, at $643 million, and also far ahead of the Celtics, who rank fourth at $452 million.


The bottom ranks are taken up by the Pacers, Grizzlies, Timberwolves and Bucks, who rank last at $258 million. 17 of the 30 teams in the ranking are shown with negative operating income, which does not bode well for next year's NBA season; a threatened lockout may come to pass.

↵↵You can find the entire chart of all 30 NBA teams here.