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BULLS ANALYSIS: Derrick Rose Saves Bulls From Embarrassing Loss

Maybe the Bulls were looking forward to Friday’s matchup with the Lakers when they came into snowy Cleveland, where the Cavaliers had lost five in a row. The snowstorm nearly made the Bulls late for the game, as their bus got stuck in traffic and the arena was only half full.

Maybe that’s why the Bulls went down early in the second half and trailed by eight at the end of the third quarter, 68-60. Sixty points in three quarters against a team that had lost those five straight by an average of 22 points? Embarrassing.

Then Rose took over and showed his MVP form, scoring nine points in the fourth quarter and going through traffic — not snow, but Cavaliers — to put down what proved to be the game-winner and drawing a foul. Rose wound up with 29 points and Joakim Noah had 13 points and 14 rebounds.

Now the Bulls can think about the Lakers.