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BULLS ANALYSIS: Derrick Rose Can't Save Embarrassing 100-99 Loss To Clippers

In the game preview of this StoryStream™, we more or less dissed the Los Angeles Clippers as one of the worst teams in the NBA. That happened to be true, before tonight — the Clippers’ 6-21 record and 1-11 road mark were just about the worst in the league.

The Clippers didn’t play that way Saturday night. They took the lead early in the second quarter on their way to leading by eight, 61-53, at halftime. Blake Griffin had 29 points and 12 rebounds, and even Derrick Rose’s 34 points couldn’t rescue the Bulls, especially when he missed a potential tying free throw with less than a second remaining. The Clippers shot unconscious — .507 from the floor, and 8-for-17 in three-point shots.

It’s almost as embarrassing as blowing a 35-point lead at home last year to the Kings. The Bulls missed Joakim Noah tonight — they got outrebounded 38-37 — and they are going to have to find a way to adjust, because if they have any intentions of title contention, or even moving deep into the playoffs, they are going to have to fatten up on teams like the Clippers.

The Bulls’ next game is Tuesday, Dec. 21 against the Philadelphia 76ers at home — another game they really ought to win.