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Michael Jordan Inducted Into North Carolina Sports Hall Of Fame

Michael Jordan was ours in Chicago for 13 NBA seasons and six championships. But before that, he was North Carolina's. Remember the cheering of crowds at the old Chicago Stadium and the United Center when Tommy Edwards, then the Bulls' PA announcer, would introduce Michael last and shout, "From North Carolina..." -- you couldn't hear another word if you were in the house.

Tonight, Michael Jordan became the 274th member of the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame in a ceremony at halftime of the game between the Charlotte Bobcats (the team he now owns) and the Toronto Raptors. Jordan said:

"Every time I put on that uniform, North Carolina, Chicago, even Washington, I knew I represented my state, the people of North Carolina," Jordan said to a cheering crowd. "Thank you, Charlotte. Thank you, North Carolina."

After the jump, video from the ceremony.

Former North Carolina coach Dean Smith and other North Carolina sports dignitaries attended the ceremony in Charlotte.