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Is The Bulls' James Johnson Headed To The Bobcats? And What Of Patrick Beverley?

There’s an intriguing note in Mark Miller’s NBA notes column this morning on the Bulls:

In his second NBA season, Chicago Bulls forward James Johnson(notes) has come out of the gate averaging four points, 4.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists, and 12:41 minutes per game.

The word from ESPN is that the 2009 first-round pick out of Wake Forest may be taking those numbers to the Charlotte Bobcats. ESPN sources say a possible trade involving Johnson “has emerged.”

Just how does a trade “emerge”? Is it like a butterfly out of a cocoon? Or a whale from the ocean?

That’s peculiar language. And there’s no indication of what the Bulls might receive in return. Miller’s post references this column, which has even more intrigue:

After the Bulls reportedly went so far as scheduling a physical last week with Chicago native Patrick Beverley, they’ve backed off bringing in Beverley or anyone else as a third point guard.

For the moment, anyway.

The Bulls’ apparent intention now is to maintain maximum roster flexibility for potential trades. Chicago and Utah are the only two teams at present with just 13 players on their roster.