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Derrick Rose Blows Off 'The Good Wife'

That headline may look obscene, but it's not.


It's in regard to the Bulls' Derrick Rose, who was supposed to make a cameo appearance as himself in the CBS political drama "The Good Wife."


According to the New York Post, Rose angered the cast and crew when he refused to go:

One insider told us, " 'The Good Wife' is set in Chicago but filmed in New York, so they like to have cameos from prominent people from Chicago.↵

↵"Derrick had agreed to play himself in an episode. The deal had been done and the contract had been signed," we're told.↵

↵"But when the car arrived at his house in Chicago Tuesday morning, he didn't answer the door," our source related. "The driver waited but he didn't appear. Finally, an unidentified man came out and said: 'Derrick is not going to New York.'↵

↵"This was very frustrating for the show's cast and crew because the production had been set, the script had been written, and actors including Josh Charles were on standby for him.↵

↵"By the end of the day there was still no explanation why he didn't show or if he wants to do the scene at a later date."

Hopefully, we'll get an explanation, and one that makes some sense and not excuses. This isn't the kind of publicity an otherwise good guy like Rose needs.