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VIDEO: Bulls' Carlos Boozer Practices On Monday

This video doesn’t show a whole lot — basically Carlos Boozer of the Bulls bouncing the ball up and down on the court for about 30 seconds. But it does show off the glove which protects his hand and finger. On the back of it there’s a design which he calls “the Spider-Man part of it; that’s for the kids out there.”

According to CSN Chicago, Boozer says he’ll see how he feels each day and says it’s “possible” he could play on Wednesday when the Bulls take on the Magic at the United Center:

“I think I’ll know with how it reacts, how it responds in the morning, how it feels before the games, as we work out, at the practice. If the pain and the swelling isn’t there, I’ll play,” continued Boozer, who confirmed that the decision of when to play in actual game lies with him now that he’s medically cleared to play. “I’m really excited. I think I’m right there. I’m looking forward to getting over that hump and hopefully getting a chance to put my jersey on.”