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Bulls Forward Gibson May Not Face Lakers

For Chicago fans, tomorrow's showdown between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the marquee games of the season. But one player we may not see take the court against Kobe & Crew is forward Taj Gibson. News hit this morning that Taj pinched a nerve in his right foot doing slide drills during practice yesterday and doubts his ability to play.


This would be a disappointing turn of events under any circumstances, but it's especially so following Gibson's breakout game against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night. Taj knocked down the first three-pointer of his NBA career whilst snaring 18 rebounds and scoring 17 points. Talk about a momentum killer. But don't count Gibson out just yet. " least we have two more days to let it heal," he told reporters.


If Taj isn't able to fight through this the way he battled through plantar fasciitis last season, Kurt Thomas or Brian Scalabrine could be asked to step up. Neither of those names are likely to thrill Bulls fans -- Thomas has hardly played and Scalabrine's slowness of foot is causing many to take a dim view of the fiery-haired USC product. Then again, with Gibson or without, the Bulls are still considered major underdogs against the 12-2 Lakers.