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Former Bulls Player's Wife Allegedly Caused Parker/Longoria Split

Brent Barry, who was a member of the Chicago Bulls in the 1998-99 season (the year after Michael Jordan left, the strike-abbreviated year in which the Bulls’ 13-37 record was third-worst in the NBA), has been named by the TMZ showbiz website as the teammate of the San Antonio SpursTony Parker whose wife was allegedly having an affair with Parker; revelations of hundreds of text messages between Barry’s wife Erin and Parker were reportedly the cause of Eva Longoria filing for divorce from Parker today.

Barry, now retired from the NBA, and Parker were teammates on the Spurs from 2004-2008. According to TMZ, Barry’s wife has also filed for divorce.

More details at this link. The Bulls are facing the Spurs this evening in San Antonio in a game being televised by ESPN and CSN Chicago.