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ANALYSIS: Bulls' Derrick Rose Makes Superstar Statement

Prior to the season, in September when the Bulls began training camp, Derrick Rose said something that most NBA experts scoffed at:

“Why can’t I be the MVP of the league?”

Why, indeed. Last night Rose, who just turned 22 last month, completely turned the game around and shifted a game that looked headed for the loss column into a win, a good way to start the Bulls’ seven-game circus trip.

The Bulls trailed last night 71-63 at the end of the third quarter. And then, led by Rose, they began the fourth quarter with an 18-0 run which included 14 points from Rose. He had three three-pointers and a three-point play during that run and wound up with 33 points, his second-most of the season, and seven assists.

Rose is averaging 24.7 points and 9.2 assists per game — nearly averaging a double-double over the Bulls’ first ten games — and that’s MVP-level play.

Who needs LeBron James and his baggage when you have a young superstar helping lead your team to victory? The Bulls have a good shot at making the seven-game trip a winning one, thanks in large part to Derrick Rose.