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Kyle Korver Will Play For Bulls Vs. Rockets

According to Chicago Breaking Sports, Kyle Korver, who suffered an knee sprain last Saturday when he collided with the Washington WizardsJohn Wall, will be available to play tonight in Houston when the Bulls take on the Rockets.

Korver was quoted as saying, “It’s gotten a lot better every day. There is some minor stuff in there. But the doctor said as long as I play through it, I will be fine. It’s a little tender. But once you get going, the adrenalin takes over. And if I’m not playing well, I’m sure Coach will take me out.”

Korver was unable to take the team flight to Houston and had to fly commercial there late yesterday. The 6-7 Korver couldn’t have been too comfortable:

“I got the third-to-last row, too,” Korver said. “A window seat.”

No word on whether he went through the full-body scanner or opted for the patdown when he went through airport security.