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For Bulls, Boozer's Return Beckons

Buried in an article posted last night on the Tribune's website is a brief, tantalizing injury update on Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer. It reveals that the team's big free agent signing has had the stitches removed from his right hand. He's now hoping to begin shooting next week and practicing in two weeks.


That would keep him on course to finally make his Bulls debut with the team in early December. Given some of the hopeful signs we've seen so far -- a dynamic Derrick Rose, a statistically astounding Joakim Noah, a hot-shooting Luol Deng -- Boozer's return should be a huge boost for the team itself and an exciting event in Chicago sports.


Looking at the team's schedule, and factoring in a couple solid weeks of practice time, Carlos could make his first appearance against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the United Center on Monday, Dec. 6. Or he could get his first start on the road against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, Dec. 8. At the very least, the Bulls should have Boozer on the floor against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, Dec. 10. That'll be a huge game.